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Eastern Beach Reserve

About Eastern Beach Reserve

Eastern Beach Reserve, a regional community park located along the City’s waterfront, is an oasis of fun and exploration. The well-known Bay Walk Bollards dot its setting, while visitors can take advantage of picnic facilities and playgrounds that ensure enjoyment for all ages. Don’t miss out on the unique opportunity to experience Geelong through this iconic art deco boardwalk featuring a shark-proof sea bath complete with floating islands under lifeguard surveillance during summertime – an absolute must when visiting!

Step back in time and explore an idyllic leisure space constructed over 80 years ago. Marvel at the unique enclosed seawater pool rimmed by diving towers, then stroll down its picturesque promenade for a truly enchanting experience!

Beach reserve

What to do at Eastern Beach Reserve

Eastern Beach Reserve, the cornerstone of cosmopolitan charm in Geelong since its inception in the 1930s, invites you and your family to soak up the splendour. Enjoy amenities such as an enclosed sea bath, boardwalk with diving towers, floating islands for children’s swimming pool & playground amidst terraced lawns and much more! Facilities include lifeguard-patrolled safe zones perfect for summer days, barbeque pits, and picnic tables alongside public toilets– all at extremely wallet-friendly prices (free entry). Make sure pooches are leashed while accompanying you on this adventure – rated number one by Trip Advisor!!

With its idyllic setting and many activities, Eastern Beach Reserve invites every visitor to make the most of their day. Whether gathering with family or friends at one of the many picnic facilities available, playing on a playground designed for both children and adults alike, swimming in the shark-proof sea bath beneath an enchanting art-deco boardwalk, or simply reflecting upon nature’s beauty as you take in stunning sunsets across still waters–Eastern Beach has something special just waiting to be discovered.

Beach reserve

One local company in Geelong that is involved in this tourist attraction;

Name: Artificial Grass Geelong Specialist

Address: 5 Eastview Parade, Belmont, VIC 3216

Telephone: (03) 4250 8936