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Looking for a synthetic grass solution that is perfect for your pet?
Artificial Grass Geelong Specialist offers a wide range of artificial grass solutions that are perfect for keeping your pet healthy and happy. Our synthetic grass is soft, safe, and easy to clean – making it the perfect choice for any pet owner.
Keep your pet happy and healthy with our artificial grass solutions. We continue to be one of the leading suppliers and installers of fake grass in Geelong.
Contact us today to learn more about our artificial grass solutions!


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    Pets and artificial grass

    Pets are a good reason to have an artificial grass lawn.
    They can’t dig it up, they don’t make mud, and you don’t have to worry about them eating chemicals or fertilisers.
    It also means no more dead patches in the garden where they’ve been peeing!
    We have a range of products that are perfect for pet owners and that will make your life easier. We know how important it is to have a beautiful lawn so that you don’t have to struggle to care for your pet.

    Pros of artificial grass for pets

    Artificial grass has many advantages for pets and pet owners. Here are some of the main benefits:
    1. No more muddy paws!
    2. Easy to clean up after your pet
    3. Reduced risk of fleas and other parasites
    4. Your pet will be cooler in summer and warmer in winter
    5. Artificial grass is durable and long-lasting
    6. It’s also low maintenance, meaning you can spend less time caring for your lawn and more time playing with your pet!

    Cons of artificial grass for pets

    Just like any other product, artificial grass has some cons. Some of them are;
    It can be more expensive than natural grass
    Some pets might not like the feel of it
    Some of the blades can be sharp, so your pet might get cut if they play on it too roughly.
    Weighing up the pros and cons, we believe that the positives of artificial grass far outweigh the negatives. This is why it is still being preferred over natural grass.

    dog smelling artificial grass

    How to take care of artificial grass for pets

    Taking care of your synthetic grass is essential, so your pets enjoy it for longer. Take care of it by;
    – hosing it down regularly to get rid of any debris or dirt that might have accumulated
    – brushing it with a soft-bristled brush to keep the blades pointing in the same direction
    – checking for any sharp objects that could puncture the turf
    – applying an artificial grass protector if you notice your pets are starting to wear

    Why choose us?

    Do you have a pet that loves to run around outside, but you don’t want them tracking mud and dirt all through your house?
    Artificial Grass Geelong Specialist has the perfect solution for you! Our artificial grass is designed to look and feel just like natural grass, but it’s completely waterproof and pet-friendly. Your pet can run, jump, and play without tracking in any mud or dirt.
    Installing artificial grass is a great way to improve your home’s appearance while keeping your pets happy and healthy. Not only will your pet love playing on the new surface, but you’ll also appreciate how easy it is to clean – no more muddy footprints throughout the house!
    Contact us today for a free consultation about installing artificial grass in your backyard!


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