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Artificial Grass Installers Windermere

At Artificial Grass Windermere, we specialise in providing high-quality installation services for residential, commercial and sports applications. Our experienced team of installers are trained to deliver the highest standard of workmanship in all areas. We know each project is unique and will strive to ensure your individual needs are met.

Our artificial grass products are manufactured from solid, durable materials that provide a lush green surface with superior performance. With products suitable for indoor and outdoor use, our products can be tailored to suit any application, including sports grounds or recreational play areas. From concept through to completion, Artificial Grass Windermere prides itself on our commitment to customer satisfaction, so you can rest assured that no matter the size of your project, you will be guaranteed a professional result.

Here at Artificial Grass Windermere, our technicians are highly skilled in their craft and have extensive experience installing artificial grass. In addition, we understand the importance of pet care. We have created specialised artificial surfaces explicitly designed with pets in mind – allowing them to play freely without any worries about mud or mess being left behind. So if you’re looking for a superior finish for your next project, speak to us today!

Our Artificial Grass Windermere Services

THE BEST Artificial Grass Windermere

Artificial Grass Windermere

Artificial Grass Installers Windermere is the leading provider of Geelong synthetic grass.

At Artificial Grass Installers Windermere, we offer various services, including residential and commercial artificial grass installation, sports grounds, schools and educational centres, playgrounds, deck and patio spaces, and putting greens and pet lawns. We are dedicated to providing outstanding customer service that ensures our clients have the most positive experience possible when working with us. Our experienced professionals understand the benefits of installing artificial turf in your outdoor space. Artificial grass provides a durable surface with low maintenance requirements while still maintaining a beautiful look. We use only high-quality materials during installation to ensure a long-lasting product.

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    Residential artificial grass

    Residential artificial grass brings a number of advantages to your home. Designed with features such as a thatch layer, drainage holes and a soft underfoot feel, residential artificial grass can provide a durable and comfortable outdoor living space. It requires minimal maintenance, easy to clean, and this low-maintenance solution is especially ideal for family homes with young children or pets. With residential artificial grass, you can transform any area in your home into a beautiful outdoor space – be it for the kids to play in the backyard, creating an eye-catching pool surround; or having that transformed green low-maintenance garden – residential artificial grass has plenty of uses in residential areas!

    synthetic grass lawn

    Commercial artificial grass

    Investing in commercial artificial grass could be the perfect solution to enhance your business premises. We offer a range of commercial-grade products that are incredibly durable and require minimal maintenance to maintain their aesthetic appeal. Our artificial grass solutions are available for various needs, such as creating an inviting space outdoors for customers, brightening workplace environments, or simply sprucing up commercial spaces. Whichever commercial artificial grass product you choose, be sure that it is both superior quality and provides a range of practical benefits.

    specialist trimming synthetic grass

    Artificial grass installation

    We are experts in artificial grass installation. Our team of experienced artificial grass installers can assist you in transforming your outdoor area into a more functional, low-maintenance and contemporary space. From artificial turf to artificial lawns, we use advanced techniques to ensure your artificial grass is installed safely and efficiently. We will provide you with step-by-step guidance on preparing your property before installation and recommendations on risk assessment and health and safety. If you choose to install artificial grass yourself, make sure to read up on the steps required, plan ahead and familiarise yourself with the necessary tools and materials required for the job.

    synthetic turf football field

    Sports ground

    Installing artificial grass on sports grounds is an excellent choice for many reasons. Artificial grass is extremely durable, making it highly capable of withstanding the heavy wear and tear sports games put sports grounds through and being easy to maintain. With artificial grass, you won’t have to worry about concerning yourself with regular maintenance requirements and associated costs. Our team of professionals has extensive experience in sports ground installation, and we can provide efficient and effective sports installations for your sports ground. With a successful artificial sports ground installation, you can enjoy a perfectly manicured sports ground without having to work on it yourself continuously.

    school with artificial lawn

    Schools and educational centres

    Ensuring safety is a must for schools and other educational centres. Artificial grass has been recently adopted as a safe surface for schools to use in their playgrounds since it is soft and spongy, making injuries less severe should children fall or trip. It is also low maintenance, allowing schools to spend less time and money on the upkeep of the grounds themselves. By installing artificial grass at schools, educators can feel secure in knowing that they provide a safe environment for their students to learn, grow and play without worry.

    playground with synthetic grass


    Playgrounds provide an essential space for children to run, skip and play. However, playgrounds can also be a playground for bacteria and dirt, so it is essential that playground surfaces are regularly maintained and kept clean for health and safety reasons. Artificial turf from us is one of the perfect solutions to maintain playgrounds in a safe, clean environment that withstands plenty of wear and tear. Not only does artificial turf ensure playground grounds are safe and clean all year round, but the extra bounce factor added by synthetic turf also makes playgrounds even more inviting and fun. If you need innovative solutions to keep your playground fresh while providing children with an enjoyable experience, artificial grass may be the ideal solution.

    balcony with artificial grass

    Deck and patios

    Decks and patios can provide a great outdoor space for relaxation, entertainment, or even just admiring the view of your surroundings. But often times these spaces lack an inviting atmosphere due to their barren and lifeless layout. Artificial grass is a fast and cost-effective way to remedy this issue! Artificial grass offers many benefits – it does not require any maintenance and provides a luxurious-looking green landscape for your deck or patio that isn’t prone to weather damage. Additionally, artificial grass has supreme durability making it slip-resistant even when wet, a concern that could arise from areas around pools or near water features. With artificial decking, you can spend less time worrying about upkeep and more time enjoying your deck or patio with friends and family.

    artificial grass putting greens

    Putting greens

    If you are looking for a way to take your golf game to the next level or simply an entertaining activity for yourself and your friends, the putting green is definitely a great choice. We understand that putting greens require careful design and installation to reach their full potential, so we specialise in custom putting greens tailored to you. Our selection of turf types makes it easy for you to select the right putting surface that suits your needs. We provide everything you need when it comes to putting greens—from installation and turf selection, making us the ideal option when creating putting greens.

    dog smelling artificial grass


    We understand that pets are important members of the family. We take pets into consideration when installing our turf so that pets can safely enjoy the grass without any risk of damage to the turf or any harmful substances being ingested. Our artificial grass is strong and durable, meaning its nails are unlikely to pierce through it. Still, we also offer a range of infill options to provide you with an extra layer of protection and a more comfortable feel for your pets. With our non-toxic material, you can have peace of mind knowing that your pets can freely enjoy their natural outdoor space.


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