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Geelong Gallery

About Geelong Gallery

Located in the city of Geelong, Victoria and a key regional gallery, Geelong Gallery – formerly known as ‘Geelong Art Gallery‘ – showcases an impressive collection of over 6,000 works of art. Occupying its place within the broader Cultural Precinct alongside other iconic institutions such as; The adjacent Geelong Library & Heritage Centre, The Arts Centre and Courthouse– visitors to this corner of Australia will be able to soak up culture-packed experiences while all around them.

By embracing inclusivity and a variety of artistic disciplines, Geelong Gallery seeks to bring vibrant engagement with its community. Through four distinct pillars – cultural progression for the city of Geelong, economic profit through tourism generated from its shows and events, equality-oriented access that encourages lifelong learning opportunities, as well as the expansion that will provide greater accessibility to collections – they hope to leave an empowering impact on all who visit.

Geelong Gallery

What to do at Geelong Gallery

Boasting a rich history, Geelong Gallery has been proudly showcasing treasures from the 19th and 20th centuries. With its vast selection of Australian and European paintings, decorative artworks, ceramics, and colonial Australian silver pieces, it is no wonder why this gallery’s collection remains highly esteemed by visitors worldwide. Of particular admiration are their valuable early images depicting the beautiful region of Geelong!

Geelong Gallery features a vibrant collection of 6,000 Australian and International pieces with an array of artwork spanning various periods. From the Eugene von Guerard View of Geelong (1856) to Fred Williams Yellow Landscape (1968), visitors can encounter iconic works by celebrated masters such as Stanhope Forbes’ The Pier Head (1910)—considered one “of the greatest British Impressionist paintings in Australia”[2]—as well as Russell Drysdale’s Hill End(1948). With artwork ranging from Aborigines Met on the Road to Diggingsto Edward Fischer’s Gold Cup, there is something for everyone at Warrnambool Art Gallery.

Geelong Art Gallery

One local company in Geelong that is involved in this tourist attraction;

Name: Artificial Grass Geelong Specialist

Address: 5 Eastview Parade, Belmont VIC 3216

Telephone: (03) 4250 8936

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