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Steampacket Gardens

About Steampacket Gardens

Steampacket Gardens, located nearby the Geelong Pier and Yacht Club, is a delightful park to explore for locals and visitors alike. Enjoy an afternoon in nature – relax with a picnic on its lush lawn or take a leisurely stroll along its convenient waterfront walkway. If it’s something unusual you’re after, then be sure to check out the massive buoys at the top end of this charming area. The creative spirit may enjoy monthly markets as well; don’t miss your chance! Visit the beautiful Steampacket Garden today for some much-needed rest and relaxation!

Steampacket Gardens is an idyllic spot for relaxation and appreciation of nature’s beauty. With views of the bay, unique sculptures adorning its lawns, and a monthly arts & crafts market, it offers something special to those seeking tranquillity in an urban environment.


What to do at Steampacket Gardens

Steampacket Gardens on the Geelong Waterfront offers a picturesque setting for weddings. This lush open space, complete with captivating views across the bay and intriguing art features at either end of the grounds, provides an unforgettable backdrop to celebrate saying “I do”. Although it is not available exclusively for ceremonies due to its status as a public space, couples looking to exchange vows in this stunning environment certainly won’t be disappointed!

With a picturesque backdrop of the Cunningham Pier, Steampacket Gardens is an open and inviting space perfect to enjoy some outdoor recreation. Lush trees line its edge, while unique sculptures crafted from buoys give it added whimsy – making it ideal for sports and leisure activities alike!

Steampacket Gardens has been a true marvel of modern development. Stunning sculptures, an abundance of lawn to relax on and many places for food and recreation like the carousel, pier, and skate park, just to name a few! A visit wouldn’t be complete without experiencing the new wave actuator – it’s sure fun for all ages!

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One local company in Geelong that is involved in this tourist attraction;

Name: Artificial Grass Geelong Specialist

Address: 5 Eastview Parade, Belmont VIC 3216

Phone: (03) 4250 8936

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