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Expert artificial grass installers in Geelong

Looking for low-maintenance and long-lasting artificial grass installation? 

Artificial Grass Geelong Specialist is your best bet when it comes to selecting the perfect turf for any residential or commercial area. Our experienced team of engineers can provide customized solutions tailored to your needs – whether you’re looking for full yard coverage, balcony/deck seating areas, roofs/parking lots, or playgrounds! We use only the highest quality materials that are produced with sustainability in mind. 

Transform outdoor spaces into lush green oases without worrying about watering systems or maintenance costs – our artificial grass requires zero upkeep and doesn’t require regular trimming like natural grass would. Amazingly soft yet durable synthetic fibres feel nature-like underfoot, have excellent drainage capacity, and come in various colours to create a personalised look that adds to the beauty of any space. 

Contact Synthetic Grass Geelong Specialist today at (03) 4250 8936 for your free quote and experience the remarkable benefits of artificial grass!

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Choosing the Right Type of Artificial Grass

Artificial grass comes in different types and qualities. We have a wide selection of quality artificial grass to suit any budget, taste, or purpose.

Sports grounds artificial grass is designed specifically for sports fields, such as soccer or rugby, and has a sand infill to provide extra cushioning during activities.

Garden grass artificial turf looks just like regular grass but won’t need any maintenance or watering. We offer various colours and textures so you can create the perfect green oasis in your space.

Our experienced team can help you choose the right type of artificial grass that best meets your needs and provides the most value for your investment.

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Prepping the Area Before Installing Artificial Grass

Preparation is vital when it comes to installing artificial grass. That’s why we take the time to properly prepare the area before laying down your new turf. Our team will take measurements and assess the ground conditions to determine how much material is needed and which grade of turf should be used.

We can also adjust to accommodate any obstacles, such as trees and flower beds. We can even incorporate features into the design, like customized logos or shapes that add a personal touch to your new artificial grass installation.

The Benefits of Artificial Grass for Your Home 

Artificial grass offers many benefits for your home, inside and out. It looks just like natural grass but doesn’t require any of the maintenance that comes with natural turf. You won’t need to water or mow it, and you can enjoy a beautiful green lawn without worrying about pests or weeds.

Artificial grass is also ideal for people with allergies or sensitivities to grass pollen. Because artificial grass is non-allergenic, it’s perfect for people who have difficulty enjoying a natural lawn.

Finally, artificial grass can be installed quickly and easily, with minimal disruption to your existing landscape.

Ensuring Proper Drainage with an Artificial Lawn

Drainage is a critical component of any lawn, natural or artificial. Without proper drainage, your lawn can become a muddy mess and cause long-term damage to the underlying soil structure.

Fortunately, artificial grass is designed to allow water to drain away quickly, keeping your lawn dry and free from standing puddles of water. The backing material of the turf also plays an essential role in drainage. Many manufacturers use a special mesh backing that helps keep water flowing through the grass while providing extra stability and support.

What You Need to Install Artificial Grass

Before installing your artificial grass, you need the following;

• Weed Membrane: This is a heavy plastic sheet with tiny holes that allow water to pass through while blocking weeds and root growth.

• Sand Infill: This provides stability for the artificial grass and helps ensure the grass fibres remain upright.

• Compacted Sub-Base: This provides a base layer to support the entire installation.

• Adhesive Tape: This helps secure the turf to the sub-base, preventing it from shifting or sliding.

• Seaming Materials: If your artificial grass area is more significant than a single turf roll, these connect multiple pieces together.

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Why choose us?

In conclusion, artificial grass is ideal for those looking to have a beautiful, natural-looking lawn without the hassle of continual maintenance and upkeep. Whether you’re installing it in a residential area for your children or pets to play on or installing it professionally for recreational facilities such as a golf course or football field, Artificial Grass Geelong Specialists can certify and install top-quality turf that will last through all weather conditions with minimal effort from you. 

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