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Geelong Gaol Museum

About Geelong Gaol Museum

Built-in stages from 1849 to 1864, HM Prison Geelong was once a maximum security prison located on the corner of Myers Street and Swanston Street. Its iconic panopticon design was inspired by Pentonville Prison in England, but its time as an institution concluded when prisoners were moved to the newly constructed HM Barwon in Lara back in 1991. Now functioning as a museum that details this history-rich correctional facility’s story over more than 150 years ago – long after it had closed!

The inescapable gates of the Geelong Gaol closed for the last time in 1991, marking its 138 years as a merciless and notorious place of punishment. In that time, it had served various functions: house to male and female inmates; site of an industrial school; hospital caring for sick prisoners from all over Australia’s colonies; military detention centre teeming with secrets during World War II; educational facility aimed at preventing re-offending. Characterised by strict Pentonville silence rules – combined with tiny cells featuring only rudimentary amenities – those who were incarcerated here faced an arduous journey through their sentence, existing under particularly hostile conditions.


What to do at Geelong Gaol Museum

Uncover a wealth of history and convict stories at the Geelong Gaol Museum. Step into the world of Victoria’s longest-running colonial gaol, gain insight into our unique past and explore its corridors – full of tales from years gone by. Explore the notorious history of colonial crime and justice at Geelong Gaol Museum and immerse yourself in its past. Join them on a captivating journey as we transport you back to an era filled with mystery, intrigue, and suspense!

Step back into the past with a visit to Geelong Gaol Museum. This remarkable attraction is presented within Victoria’s third oldest prison, which dates back 170 years and boasts an intriguing history in correctional facilities, including industrial schools for young girls, hospitals and military detention barracks. Get immersed in the artefacts featured here – such as those depicting colonial prisons, executions or prisoner stories – providing insight into life ‘behind bars’. Open on weekends plus public holidays and school breaks, experience this unique museum offering an opportunity like no other!

Gaol Museum

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